The IUGET is keen to revolutionize training by providing students with real skills and especially skills for job creation.

IUGET offers its students the opportunity to complete part of their university course as part of advanced training or end of course abroad, under extremely advantageous educational, personal and financial conditions. This is the last year of training in the engineering cycle, for example, where the best students will complete their internship in the laboratories and workshops of partner universities.

This international mobility is an opportunity to live unique and enriching experiences, where the mission is to arm themselves with experiences to reproduce and improve in Cameroon. By alternating study sessions in Cameroon and elsewhere, our students broaden their perspectives and improve their personal, academic and professional skills for the benefit of local businesses.
The IUGET also offers professional training leading to international diplomas awarded by its various foreign partner schools, such as:

  • College of Paris in France;
  • GIMPA (Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration) in Ghana;
  • Ascencia Business School in France;
  • LAWEH University in Tanzania.

Our vision :
Develop a strong synergy with professional and academic circles nationally as well as internationally for a real match between training and employment.
Encourage in each student:

  • Proven expertise;
  • A spirit of competition and professional competitiveness;
  • A keen sense of personal research and self-recycling;
  • An ability to question and integrate into a professional environment;
  • Initiation and encouragement to self-employment;
  • Intellectual rigor and moral probity at work;
  • The permanent culture of bilingualism and openness to the world.

 "Choosing the right course is a successful first big meeting with your future". IUGET is committed to providing its students with quality training.

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