In a context of globalisation marked by sociolinguistic disparities and a high degree of multiculturalism, IUGET on each of its two campuses (Bonabéri and Bonamoussadi), offers an environment conducive to studies. Spacious and airy rooms, equipped with air conditioners and respecting the anti-Covid-19 barrier measures, are an asset for the student. The campus offers a permanent wifi connection and ensures the safety of the students through the diligence of the disciplinary services. The student has free access to the media library for research purposes and can download hundreds of books from the digital bookstores on site. Scholarships ranging from 25,000 CFA francs to 150,000 CFA francs are regularly awarded by the President of IUGET to brilliant and deserving students. To this effect, the IUGET Orientation and Academic Scholarship Day (JOBAI) is a tradition that attracts countless students in search of the precious prize.In harmony, living together and secularism as advocated by the internal regulations, the student bathes in IUGET in a refuge of inclusive education.

Student life at IUGET is also declined in a variety of activities during which students show their talents, their ingenuity, their creativity but especially their ability to implement the leadership that lies dormant in them. The Students' Association, an organisation made up solely of students from the two campuses (Bonabéri and Bonamoussadi), represents the students before the administrative authorities and is active in promoting the various clubs through socio-cultural and sports activities.
The president of students' union is elected every academic year. The post and extracurricular activities are under the supervision of the socio-cultural officer who implements the ideology and cultural policy of the IUGET. 
The President's Cup is a sporting tradition, as is the election of the Master and Miss IUGET. 
The end-of-year ball for laureates; the IUGET Gospel Choir Show and the biannual conference of the United Nations Club. 



A multidisciplinary and professional team of nurses and doctors ensures the medical and health follow-up of the students. It is specifically responsible for
- Compiling the health database for each student;
- Ensuring the health protection of students and staff ;
- Ensuring food hygiene on campus ;
- Providing care for sick students; 
- Implementing government health policy
- NB : The Health and Nursing Service is in partnership with the THEA Medical Foundation. 

Education through distance learning is a reality and is optimised at the IUGET. Students with disabilities also benefit from the support and guidance of the teaching staff. 
« BIEN CHOISIR C’EST DEJA REUSSIR », This IUGET slogan is driven by the spirit of self-discipline instilled in students who are primarily masters of their own destiny, with the teaching staff playing only a guiding role.
Educational forums and platforms (INSPIRED BY, WEDNESDAY SPECIAL BILINGUALISM) are forums for learning the art of oratory, convivial moments of exchange and confrontation of ideas with the major objective of the intellectual and social edification of students. On these occasions, icons of society with a brilliant career, a success story, are invited to boost the vocations that are dormant in the students.